Why In the World Would You Attend?

When Is This happening? Is This RACE Approved CE?

We're offering up to 34 RACE approved CE (17 for medicine weekend and 17 for management weekend). NoodleU was made to be virtual: all of our speakers were specifically chosen not only for their areas of expertise, but because they are excellent at helping you feel as engaged as if you were at a physical conference.They even have their web cameras on for those of you who choose to join in video mode so they feel better connected with you!


We’ve learned from NoodleU’s successes so that we can bring an even better experience to NoodleU2. We will provide entertainment during both events, as well as a speaker Happy Hour each day answering so many questions from our live event.


Why NoodleU2?

Amidst the range of veterinary conferences and conventions that have had to pivot to virtual and online, NoodleU was always intended to be a virtual experience - and it went impastably well!


The response to it was so overwhelmingly positive (with vets and their staff asking about when we might have a Noodle U 2.0) it became clear no one wanted to wait a full year for the sequel.


What Do Noodles Have to do with Veterinary Medicine?

To “noodle on” something is a phrase that can mean to toss around ideas and brainstorm. We believe that the veterinary industry can only thrive if we are willing to evolve through shared ideas and community.


We believe in NoodleU so much that this font is in Times New Ramen. Okay, not really. But made you look, huh?


So Much More than a Webinar

NoodleU2 is not a series of webinars. It is live event that was recorded and content that can be consumed and engaged with wherever you feel comfortable. You can watch from your phone and on the go, or from the comfort of your home; we had people talk about how thrilled they were to be able to take CE required courses from their couches, their patios, gardens, beds - some even told us they attended parts of the conference from their pool!


We know you’re busy: many veterinary professionals find themselves working on the weekends… but never fear: everything will be recorded for those that miss out.


Many people expressed their surprise at how fast time flew over both weekends. We know sitting behind a screen all weekend could sound boring, the attendees that were polled afterwards gave 100% positive feedback for the business management weekend and 99.9% positive feedback from the medicine weekend, showing that it was anything but boring.


We can’t speak about our speakers highly enough: they were able to keep busy and stressed veterinary staff engaged, learning, amused, and chortellini.

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