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Medicine | 17 Hours of RACE APPROVED CE

We planned both weekends so that you can have your veterinary team members involved where it makes sense for them, and the second weekend’s focus is on veterinary medicine.


When it comes to the meatball of the conference, we know that you and your veterinary staff need LIVE Continuing Education credits, and we’ve certainly done our best to provide those to you with the most relevant topics available for veterinary medicine today. Don’t worry: this is different from other conferences you’ve attended (and not just because you can watch from your bed) - we promise that learning about new medicine topics can be fun. Our speakers were chosen because they are informative and entertaining.


Our medicine speakers are familiar with engaging an audience, and with years of real life experience in the field, they can incorporate personal experience and authentic humor into sessions. It’ll be anything but boring.


We know that keeping veterinary professionals engaged with hours of content after a busy week is no small task - but, to brag on ourselves a little bit - that’s exactly what we did with NoodleU. We cannoli shake our heads at how wonderful it all turned out to be.

Penne For Our Last Medicine Weekend’s Thoughts


“What an awesome program!!  The speakers were all so engaging and knowledgeable [...] You all rock!  And it is so great that we can re-watch the presentations to "noodle" over them whenever we want to!!”


“It was awesome. Best conference I’ve ever attended. Great speakers and topics! Loved being able to be comfortable at home (...) Would definitely “attend” another Noodle U event!!!”


“As a single doctor/owner of a small animal hospital with very little extra time on my hands, I truly appreciate webinars like this.  It allows me to remain in the comfort of my own home, a place I don't see too much of, and spend time with my husband and our beloved devon rex kitty [...] thank you for dedicating your weekend, time, and voice(s) so that we can obtain CE credits, listen to some amazing talks, and spend time with our families!  It's a win, win, win!!”

Keynote Speaker
Harvard Researcher | Bestselling Author of The Happiness Advantage

Medicine: Meet Your Professors

This time we’re doing our best to top that: two of our speakers are award winning VMX speakers of the year, covering topics like:


  • Veterinary palliative care

  • Feline medicine

  • Veterinary surgery 

  • Veterinary oncology

  • And more!

Extra Curricular Fun!


Dean of Noodle Affairs aka Your Hostess with the Mostess, Becky Blomenkamp!

Cooking with Shirin Modaresi, DVM aka @persianplantgirl

Exercise with Tex Cody Horn aka Texercise!

Penne For Our Last Medicine Weekend’s Thoughts


“Excellent! Lifting those in our profession to new levels and improving the care of pets and their people. Thanks!”


“It has been very exciting to watch such inspiring presenters and speakers. Great presentations, with good tips. And many CPD hours!”


“Loved it! All the talks were delivered in such a down-to-earth way. I don't think I've ever seen or experienced so much fun and laughter at a live conference. I especially like that I can re-watch the lectures later to go over the information again at my own pace. Really hope there will be a NoodleU 2.0.”