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Medicine | 12 Hours of RACE Approved CE

We’ve set NoodleU’s weekends up strategically, to discuss both sides of running a veterinary clinic: the business side, and the medical side. You need your front office to run efficiently with the needs of the clinical team in mind, and we understand that.


We know that all vets need their continuing education credits. We have designed NoodleU not only to be an easy but more importantly engaging way to gain those credits and learn significant information, too.


At NoodleU, we will keep discussions lively so you can kick back and not fall asleep at your computer. Our speakers are all world-renowned and extremely sought after globally.

Keynote Speaker

Medicine: Meet Your Professors

Dr. Mary Gardner

Dr. Sue Ettinger

Dr. Susan Little

Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn

We have an exciting lineup of speakers, full of passionate people in the veterinary industry.


Our professors at NoodleU make learning medicine fun and engaging and provide practical tips veterinarians can actually take back and start practicing right away.


This weekend we will have sessions from top experts covering topics such as:


  • Feline medicine

  • End of life and hospice care in pets

  • Oncology

  • Surgery

  • And more!

NoodleU attendees will have plenty of time to engage speakers in discussions on these topics and answer questions that you might have. It's “pastably” the most fun you could have talking about veterinary medicine-all from the comfort of your home.


Whether you come for the “mein” event or stay for both weekends, we know there will so much that you and your team can “takeaway” from this experience.

EVERY NoodleU registrant will receive Suze Orman’s Must Have Documents Online Program for free! (Retail value of $199)

Choose between one or two RACE approved CE on-demand events & earn up to 24 hours of RACE Approved CE! These events are full of fun, laughter, and valuable insight.

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