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Practice Management | 12 Hours of RACE Approved CE

Keynote Session by Suze Orman

Suze Orman is the author of ten consecutive New York Times bestsellers, a two-time Emmy Award-winning television host, and one of the top motivational speakers in the world today.

‘Suze is here to help! Bring your questions for Live Q&A - ask Suze about student loans, debt repayment, budgeting, 401k or whatever your noodling on!’

During these lively events all of our speakers will have their cameras ON to give you the effect of watching them LIVE in-person. 

Dr. Dave Nicol

Recruitment Goldrush – The Window of Opportunity is Now

 Recruitment has been nothing short of a nightmare for practices all over the planet. It seems like the well has run dry for clinical staff. Or at least, that was until COVID19 struck. Now, there are many vets and technicians who do not have jobs and as things start to pick up, you might have a window to grab some talent as the tables briefly turn. In this session Recruitment expert Dr Dave Nicol will help you to formulate a plan to take maximum advantage of a temporary glut of options.


Step Up or Step Back? Leading teams through change so that performance is maintained regardless of how bad things seem

Change is hard. Change is scary. Change is everywhere. There is no way to escape the curve balls that life inevitably and mischievously seems to throw. When managed badly, change can rip a team apart and inhibit performance greatly. But when it is managed well, it can galvanize the team and bring about incredible performance. In this session we’ll work with a framework for change and see some first-hand results of how to lead from behind.


The Contrarian – why doing the opposite of what instinct is

telling you is a great long term plan for the future

When the herd are losing the minds and taking actions driven by fear (or group think), there is an opportunity to separate yourself from the crowd and do something different. Opposite in fact. When our human needs are not being met, we inevitably wind up in a poor emotional state where things can seem overwhelming, or unhelpful emotions can drive our decisions. But is this the best way to navigate a crisis? I think not. Join me for a session where we take back control over your mind and make better quality decisions as leaders.

Bash Halow

Do Young Pet Owners Believe In the Value of Your Veterinary Services? 

A 2019 pet industry study called Millennials the most ‘engaged pet owners of any other demographic’. Forty percent have pet insurance and another 40% have at least one kind of pet-related subscription service. Only one spending habit of Millennials is out of step with their reputation as best pet parents: they tend to spend less in veterinary care than any of the other pet-owner age-groups. In this lecture we’ll explore what today’s pet owner is looking to get from their veterinarian and what we can change about our service protocols to secure their trust and their business. 


Let’s Get Real About HR 

Some of our hiring, training, coaching, and disciplinary practices haven’t been challenged or evaluated in decades. Bash Halow will share some of his hysterical stories on what works and doesn’t when trying to manage your team members, plus the small changes that you can make that will positively impact your entire team’s productivity and happiness. 


Plan For Returning To ‘Normal’ Veterinary Operations

Post Covid

In this lecture, we’ll cover the major challenges that all veterinarians will face in a post-Covid19 world and what they should do to respond to each.

Eric D. Garcia

Fast & Furious COVID Marketing Tips 

By focusing on case studies from real veterinary practices across the world we’re able to look at proven examples of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to social media. You’ll leave this session overwhelmed (intentionally) with some of the most prominent do’s and don’ts and specific tips to get you on the right track when it comes to effective social media marketing.

Marketing: How to Stop Blending in with Your Competition During COVID & Beyond! 

The veterinary industry is growing by leaps and bounds each year. The good news is that this means more business. The bad news? More competition. If you feel like you’re offering the same services as most other veterinary practices, that’s most likely because you are. Chances are you are also marketing yourself in the same way. Fully stocked in-house pharmacy? In-house laboratory? Unfortunately, this is now the standard and your competitors are showcasing these services in the same way too. If you’re looking to define your brand and market yourself more effectively, this is the session for you. We’ll be deep-diving into these fundamental questions of branding and identity, so that you can enhance your practice and create an impact on social media, the web and locally. Spoiler alert: standing out in a saturated marketplace is actually easier than you think. 


How to Handle Online Haters

Although it takes years to successfully build your reputation (both online and off), it takes just moments for a negative online review to jeopardize it. With new tools and techniques provided in this session, you will be fully equipped to handle a variety of online negative reviews. From a simple upset client to extreme cyberbullying and everything in between! You will learn how to engage with negative reviews with honest, timely and respectful responses to earn back respect and goodwill. This session will help you to discover the fundamentals of handling online negativity and navigate the increasingly important world of online reviews. 

The Power of Taking a Break from Social Media 

While technology has benefited us in many ways, it’s also brought us into a distracting vortex of constant communication. This makes it almost impossible to leave work where it work! In this unique and transformative session, you’ll learn how to take a much- needed digital sabbatical and #unplug from technology for a predetermined amount of time. This means no phone, email or any social network, including, but not limited to, downloading, syncing, sending, submitting, posting, pinning, sharing, uploading, updating, commenting, tagging, rating, liking, loving, upvoting, starring, favoriting, bookmarking, plus-oneing, or re-anything-ing! The benefits? More clarity and happiness, available to you whenever you choose it. 

Denise Tumblin

Growing Revenue to Support Recovery and Return to Pre- Pandemic Profitability
Many small businesses, including veterinary practices, have taken a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Minor, painless changes can result in significant, positive improvements when it comes to patient care and profitability. Give me 50 minutes, and I’ll give you some hot tips for identifying opportunities to grow revenue and maintain profitability.


The Latest Trends in Team Compensation and Benefits

In today’s competitive job market, practices that want to attract and retain rst-rate team members need to rethink their compensation and benefits packages. Pay scales must reflect the level of education, experience, skill and personal attributes employees bring to the table. Yet there’s more to keep in mind when it comes to keeping employees happy, satisfied in their position, and with the practice. This program sheds light on what’s most important to team members now, the latest compensation trends, and what practices are changing to support their team during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Trending Now - Hot Tips to Reduce Inventory Costs 

If your shelves are looking a bit bloated, it’s time to eliminate the excess. Veterinarians have many wonderful drugs to choose from to treat patients. But carrying every wonderful medication that’s available ties up a lot of cash and creates confusion for the staff and for clients. Doctors – unite! We’ll discuss tips to effectively manage your inventory without running out of needed drugs.

Sponsored Speakers & Sessions

Dr. Amanda Donnelly

How To Attract And Retain More Clients, One Call At A Time

As practices have changed protocols to address the health and safety of clients and teams, the phone has become an even more powerful tool in client communication, information sharing and relationship building.  Now more than ever, teams need phone skills training. 

Stephanie Foster

Digitizing Your Veterinary Practice


Becky Mullis, DVM, DACVN

Updates In the Management of Feline Diarrhea and Constipation 

Learn about the latest nutritional research evaluating foods for managing feline constipation and diarrhea.   In just 15 minutes, you will get an overview of the latest nutritional innovations, research and how to make nutrition work for your feline patients.  

What Else Can You Expect?!

  • We have a personal trainer Tex Time that will be giving you live tips to get you out of your computer chair (though you'll be laughing a lot and to Eric Garcia that's considered an ab exercise).

  • Our speakers will make you laugh and keep you entertained! There is a reason we have this specific line up. If that isn’t enough for you, we have a comedy hour with comedian Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald!

  • Speaker Q&A Happy Hour at the end of each day!

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