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​Redefining “Business As Usual”

Practice Management | 17 Hours of RACE & CVPM Approved CE

At NoodleU, we know that running a successful veterinary practice takes more than good medicine - though that certainly speaks for itself!


At the end of the day, your veterinary practice is also a business: it needs strategy and planning in order to keep the lights on, and the pets taken care of. That’s why at NoodleU2, we have a whole weekend dedicated to the business management side of managing a veterinary practice. 


We had a wonderful time with NoodleU’s lineup, and we can’t wait to wow you with NoodleU2’s speakers, specifically picked because they can rock the virtual stage: we want our audience to feel like you’re right there with us, and that’s what we aim to do.


Our speakers are award winning! Three of our speakers were voted VMX speaker of the year and one was voted WVC speaker of the year: we can’t wait to introduce them to you! This is a lineup of speakers you rarely get to see in one place (even if that place is from the comfort of your home).


Reviews From Our Last Management Weekend For Pasta-erities Sake


“It was outstanding. All the speakers were great and I learned a lot and am excited to implement much of what I learned. I especially appreciate being given tangible and practical methods of implementing the advice or further researching the suggestions. Thank you!”


“Fabulous!  Great info and I loved listening and participating from the comfort of my bed, the shower, the couch, the kitchen, and the living room!!”

Keynote Speaker
Harvard Researcher | Bestselling Author of The Happiness Advantage

Practice Management: Meet Your Professors

With our head “professor” Shawn Anchor headlining the management weekend,  we will be covering topics in the realm of:


  • Marketing effectively in your area

  • Digital strategy across platforms

  • Finance and Human Resources

  • What Makes Good Leadership

  • And More!

Extra Curricular Fun!


Dean of Noodle Affairs aka Your Hostess with the Mostess, Becky Blomenkamp!

Cooking with Shirin Modaresi, DVM aka @persianplantgirl

Mindful Meditation with

Dr. Steve Noonan

We know how important it is to our businesses now more than ever to provide relevant information in a variety of topics. We’ve springboarded off of last conference’s feedback to ensure we’re covering the fields you want to know more about.


This past year has given all of us a better understanding of why adaptability and flexibility are key traits in any business, and we want to speak to that need, and the strength we’ve seen within the veterinary field in the last months. We are highly optimistic about the future of this industry: we know as well as you do the importance of innovation and creativity when it comes to unexpected challenges and opportunities - and that’s exactly what you can expect from NoodleU2.


We want to move beyond business as usual: we want business that is pho-nominal. We want business that brings great collaboration and unity between different veterinary offices and companies and specialists; many of our conference attendees might never have met or found each other if it weren’t for a conference like NoodleU2.


We want to state again that this is not a video series of pre-recorded lectures. Of course the materials will be available for anyone to review (or to watch the first time if they are busy during the weekends) but it is a LIVE and interactive event: (Q&A, polls, hangouts?) as a virtual platform for vets and people from all over the pet health industry to congregate and noodle over ideas, both old and new.


On top of that we’re making sure that our content is VHMA CVPM pending and RACE pending CE. We know and value the importance of RACE approved Continuing Education for any veterinarian, and we want to provide the most value at our conference while giving you the best content available.


Our last management speakers made our previous audiences laugh, cry, and think about how to improve their own individual businesses, and that’s what we’re there for.

Reviews From Our Last Management Weekend For Pasta-erities Sake

“I thought it was excellent!  I was worried I would miss the hustle and bustle of a real conference and trying to rush to different rooms between lectures.  No problem there! [...] Thank you for a great experience and exceptional content!”


“It was very personable. I loved attending from home. The speakers were all extremely informative. I was worried I would find it hard to be in front of the computer all day, but the weekend just flew by.”


“I love it! Would have never thought I could learn in the comfort of my home. I've always enjoyed learning from conferences, but traveling is quite stressful for me. So this is definitely an amazing adaptation (...). Thank you so, so much for putting this together.”


“It was excellent. There was a lot of information that I can utilize and use right away. It was very practical. Thank you!”


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