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Practice Management | 12 Hours of RACE Approved CE

Staying in step with the current trends in the veterinary world is especially challenging when you haven’t been able to attend your usual conferences. You probably miss your usual getaway where you gather over a weekend or several days eating, sitting, listening, and networking with experts at convention centers across the United States and beyond. We have been staying home and so have many of our clients and our little furry friends.


How can we be an active part of this community when we have to stay apart? We’ve got an idea and if you’ll join in the fun, we are going to take you on an adventure “udon” want to miss...

Keynote Speaker

Practice Management: Meet Your Professors

Eric D. Garcia

Dr. Dave Nicol

Denise Tumblin

Bash Halow

Our business professors will lead the way in the discussion about how to manage the business size of your veterinary practice during this time. We know discovering ways to make sure you’re saving money and staying afloat in the battle against COVID-19 is important. Your business is essential, and this weekend we’ll be talking about how to conduct business this way.


  • Marketing strategies that generate revenue now, even during a pandemic!

  • Why now it's more important than ever to learn about how to recruit top talent for your veterinary practice

  • How to manage your practice finances to ensure you have cash now and in the future, and how to streamline cash flow.

  • How to manage your teams and build strong relationships.

  • And more! View our program to see what we have lined up for you.


Our event aims to provide COVID-19 recovery. With both present and future economic challenges, we will provide content to support veterinary practices so you have a plan, strategies, and tools to keep you going now and into the future. Our new normal in veterinary medicine is going to be far from... normal.


Practices that invest in the methodology needed have a head start in recovering successfully from COVID-19, will have the tools and knowledge to to thrive. There’s still so much to learn, and you can do it in real-time, and later, with the all-access recordings after the event!

EVERY NoodleU registrant will receive Suze Orman’s Must Have Documents Online Program for free! (Retail value of $199)

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