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Get Your Boss On Board

I know a conference called NoodleU may sound like you're just gonna have a bowl of fun… And you will… But you're also going to learn oodles! Here are some resources to help you convince your boss: 

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Sharing Info with Your Boss

NoodleU's Management Conference gives you: 

  • 12 hours of RACE-approved and CVPM-Eligible Continuing Education credits in topics like human resources, practice finance, practice culture, telephone skills, communications, and brand new-- lectures for front desk teams!

  • Lectures are delivered by experienced and decorated veterinary industry speakers!

  • This isn't your traditional webinar: our lectures are LIVE and interactive online-- with additional Q&A Sessions at the end of each day so you can get all of YOUR questions answered!

  • Networking with your peers in our online community

  • On-demand access to anything you missed for up to 1 year! 

Send Your Boss an Email! 

Use this template to copy, paste and customize an email to your boss!​

Dear [Practice Owner/Practice Manager/Other Supervisor Name],


I am emailing to request your approval to attend the NoodleU Management Conference taking place virtually October 16-17, 2021. This is NoodleU's fourth virtual veterinary conference and the first geared exclusively for management. This conference offers me an incredible opportunity to learn from the best and the brightest while earning 12 hours of RACE-approved CE credit.

These lectures are unlike traditional webinars and are hosted live in an interactive format. In addition, we'll be able to attend a live Q&A session and interact with speakers and attendees in an online community to get any questions answered. In addition, I'll have online, on-demand access to all sessions for one year after the event. 


Beyond enhancing my own professional development, NoodleU Management is a great way for me to lend to the growth of our practice. Here are a few of the lectures I'll be attending: 

  • Diagnosing Practice Financial Diseases: David McCormick, CVA

  • Leading Thriving Teams: The 4 P's of Positive Leadership: Josh Vaisman, CCFP, MAPPCP (PgD)

  • TBD: Mary Ann VanDeLinde, DVM

  • TBD: Monica Dixon Perry, CVPM

  • TBD: Keynote speaker Emmy-award winning National Geographic Photographer Brian Skerry

  • The Gift of Mental Wellbeing: Strategies to Promote Your Own Mental Health: Karen Rentas, PhD and Meg Chiarelli, MD


The conference registration fee is $299. I can use the promo code NOODLE to save 20% when registering at


I know a conference called NoodleU may sound like I’m just gonna have a bowl of fun…and I will…but I’m also going to learn oodles! I am confident that you will find supporting my attendance at this important professional conference to be a wise business investment. Please don’t hesitate to speak with me if you have any questions or need any additional information. Thank you for your consideration - I look forward to your reply.



[Your Name]

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