Frequently Asked Questions

What if the dates or times don't work for me? Will this be recorded?


We understand that many veterinary professionals are incredibly busy even on the weekends: that’s why if you register before the live event you’ll still have the chance to watch everything on-demand for up to a full year after the conference...and you’ll still have the opportunity to gain up to 34 hours of RACE approved CE (17 for practice management weekend and 17 for medicine weekend)!


If I live outside of the U.S. or Canada can I still attend?

Of course! We make sure that all of our speakers have experience as international lecturers and have spoken to global audiences. With NoodleU we had people attending from all around the world. Of course, we understand that time zones can be a problem, but again, that’s why we promise you the ability to watch the full recorded conference for 12 months after the live event.

Why should someone attend NoodleU2?

Aside from helping you avoid the stress of attempting to travel during this climate (or indeed at all), we also wanted to offer Continuing Education for veterinary professionals throughout this complicated season and beyond.


We know that CE credits are required, regardless of where your clinic is, so why not meet those requirements now? While May’s conference was an overwhelming success, we realized that there were more topics we wanted to cover...and why wait a full year to do that? 


What makes our online conference different and unique?

We can’t stress enough how much we want to engage you in the process. Our speakers and sponsors are part of our team. This isn’t just a series of slideshow presentations, ticking off items on a list to meet requirements.


Everything we do at NoodleU2 is planned with the attendees in mind. We are sure to put in extra Q&A time with our chosen industry experts, and we’ve already learned from the feedback we got to help bring you the best updated version of this virtual conference possible.


Why attend both weekends?

Each weekend has a specific focus: maybe one may seem more appropriate for your office manager, and another for your DVM, but you need both sides of the whole in order to run a successful veterinary clinic.


Not to mention, if you do both weekends, NoodleU offers a special deal for those who register for both weekends, and full access to both weekends’ recordings for a full year afterward!


You won’t want to miss this!


What makes this different from a webinar?

As a live event, you will have the opportunity to engage with the speakers and ask any questions you may have in real time. This isn’t meant to be a one-sided conversation: we want you to get involved, too!


This conference has been created with a virtual experience in mind, and it gives you the opportunity to earn up to X RACE-approved CE credits per weekend.


What would you get out of your registration fees?

Aside from an immersive educational experience, you can earn up to 34 hours of AAVSB RACE approved  Continuing Education credit from the home (17 hours per event)! You’ll also have the ability to watch the recordings again and again for a full year after NoodleU.


What does Noodle mean?

To noodle on something means to think about it, to spend time considering why it's important, how it impacts your world, how you can incorporate it into your practice, toss around ideas and punch holes in those ideas until they’re perfected!


As to what that has to do with pets...well. We know even labranoodle’s need you to be up to date on the latest trends in medicine.


What about the quality of speakers? What makes them unique as a group?

On top of our exciting lead “professors,” we’re bringing speakers from the world’s leading veterinary conventions as well as practice owners, practicing vets, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators in their fields. We believe we can learn from all facets of the industry and that's exactly what we intend to do.

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