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Virtual Veterinary Continuing Education Events

Noodle With Us This September!


Why a Noodle-themed  veterinary conference, you might ask? 

To “noodle on” something is a phrase that can mean to toss around ideas and brainstorm. We believe that the veterinary industry can only thrive if we are willing to evolve through shared ideas and community.

We believe in NoodleU so much that this font is in Times New Ramen. Okay, not really. But made you look, huh?

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Our Noodle Professors are the crème de la crème in veterinary medicine and management! These top-tier experts have brought a plethora of new ideas and knowledge to 'noodle on' over the years, making our virtual conferences both educational and delightfully fun.

World-Renown Speakers

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What makes NoodleU events unique?

At NoodleU, we've got the 'RACE/CVPM approved' speakers, CE certificates, and more. But what really cooks is our engagement: live Q&A during lectures, interactive happy hour chats with speakers, fun virtual events like sunrise workouts and cooking classes, inspiring keynotes from your couch, and even a virtual graduation ceremony! This isn't your typical webinar—it's a pasta-tively unique experience!

Pasta-bly the best keynote speakers!

Get a taste of inspiration from our keynotes, serving up perfectly timed insights and innovations that leave you hungry for more!

We've been bringing something different to veterinary CE-- often with a fun theme to keep noodlin' fun and fresh!

Noodlin' Since 2020

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Want to Noodle on some new events? Don’t miss out on the latest 'pasta-bilities'!

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