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NoodleU: Pho-Nominally Virtual Veterinary Conference at Home

Welcome to the future! One of our favorite discoveries this year has been our ability to achieve greater connection with more people from all kinds of places and practices. With the veterinary industry changing now more than ever, we are able to network more widely. Things can’t (and shouldn’t) be the same.


These days, we understand that working all by yourself can be cannelloni. With the rise in virtual events, there’s been an ever increasing demand for a way to share the latest up-to-date information and collaborate distantly. Yet, at the same time, we also know that some of us have virtual event fatigue. Do we really need another webinar?


But this is more than just another webinar. This is a virtual event that’s quickly proving to be the place to be for veterinary professionals looking for connection, continuing education credits and inspiration all in the same space. When the veterinary world needed it most, NoodleU appeared on the horizon, full of fresh pastabilities, ready to break up your daily rotini.  That’s why, on the menu this fall, we’re bringing back the conference that has left so much buzz in the industry — and this time will be even better. We’re bringing back the same speaker lineup that left so many inspired this past May to help fill us all with some much-needed innovative ideas, served to us by industry thought leaders that are fully engaged and invested in our field and our time together.


We believe that bringing together some of the best minds in the industry should be more than informative — it should be fun, too. NoodleU was more than just a way to convey new information and gain CE credits (though there was that, too).


Our online conference was always intended for the virtual stage: there was no pivoting or last minute scrambling, no need for our speakers (much less our guests) to begin to panic and rearrange things in the proverbial back kitchen, with rescheduling or last-minute travel plans or hotel cancellations.

No, NoodleU was perfectly crafted to be the most up-to-date virtual event offering of RACE-approved Continuing Education that you could ever hope to feast your eyes on in 2020.


And it was. With 46 hours of game-changing content, NoodleU1 was the absolute best collaborative event the veterinary world had seen...until NoodleU2...

Meet Your Professors
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Course Experts

NoodleU2: This Thyme It’s Personal


While we believed in our content and lineup, we weren’t the only ones that were pleasantly surprised with how fun and successful it all turned out to be. Many people who attended expressed how much they actually enjoyed attending our virtual conference. Whether they were excited to be able to learn at home, or delighted by the range of speakers, or just generally amazed that earning RACE CE could actually be this entertaining, it was clear from the beginning that NoodleU and it’s first two weekends were a smashing success.


With NoodleU’s business management weekend receiving 100% positive feedback after receiving hundreds of survey results and the medicine weekend receiving 99.9% positive feedback, it went better than we could’ve dreamed of.

NoodleU1 Received Tortellini Awesome Feedback Like:


“It was awesome. Best conference I’ve ever attended. Great speakers and topics! Loved being able to be comfortable at home [...] Would definitely ‘attend’ another Noodle U event!!!”


“Really hope there will be a NoodleU 2.0. [...] Thank you so much to everyone for putting so much heart and effort into this - both weekends were phenomenal!”


“Loved it! All the talks were delivered in such a down-to-earth way. I don't think I've ever seen or experienced so much fun and laughter at a live conference. I especially like that I can re-watch the lectures later to go over the information again at my own pace.”

When was the last time you went to a conference that not only managed to keep you informed, but entertained the whole way through?


Ah, the memories. But that was a thing of the pasta. With the smashing success of the first conference, NoodleU2 couldn’t help but be on the horizon.


Keeping hard-working veterinary professionals entertained and engaged for two jam-packed days over two separate weekends is no easy task… but that’s what you can expect when you join us for NoodleU2.

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