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12 hours of RACE Approved CE

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Access Today & Still Earn CE!

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What is NoodleU

Staying in step with the current trends in the veterinary world is especially challenging when you haven’t been able to attend your usual conferences. You probably miss your usual getaway where you gather over a weekend or several days eating, sitting, listening, and networking with experts at convention centers across the World. We have been staying home and so have many of our clients and our four legged family members.


How can we be an active part of this community when we have to stay apart? We’ve got an idea and if you’ll join in the fun, we are going to take you on an adventure “udon” want to miss...

Introducing NoodleU


NoodleU is an interactive virtual conference space for people from across the veterinary industry to come together and hear our pho-nomonal speakers (known at NoodleU as professors) and top-industry professionals talk about what we can do now, together.

During these lively events all of our speakers will have their cameras ON to give you the effect of watching them LIVE in-person. 

Earn up to 24 hours of RACE Approved CE!

Meet Your Professors

Suze Orman

Dr. BJ Miller

Course Experts

Dr. Sue Ettinger

Dr. Mary Gardner

Eric D. Garcia

Bash Halow

Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn

Dr. Susan Little

Dr. Dave Nicol

Denise Tumblin

Why NoodleU?


To “noodle on it” is a phrase that can mean to toss around ideas and brainstorm. Veterinary medicine and management are always evolving. We all have progressed and benefited from ideas we’ve learned and shared along the way. We no longer do certain things we were taught because we have found a better approach and we’re always thinking of new ways to improve those fields.

EVERY NoodleU registrant will receive Suze Orman’s Must Have Documents Online Program for free! (Retail value of $199)

Which Conference Would You Like to Learn More About?

Now Available On-Demand

Now Available On-Demand


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