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Virtual conference May 4-5, 2024 With special Guest SEAN ASTIN.png

May 4-5, 2024

Virtual and Totally Rad

Noodle assets.png

The ultimate
veterinary CE Mixtape 

Bringing you the best in veterinary continuing education

We are stoked to have some of the gnarliest veterinary experts join us at NoodleU's radical 80s-themed conference. Get ready to travel back in time and groove to the rhythm of their knowledge. Like, check out these gnarly sessions:

  1. "The Golden Girls: Bromide and Blanche Still Rock the Vet World!" - Discover why these sassy seniors are as sexy as ever in the veterinary field.

  2. "Borderline? How Madonna Deals with Diagnosing and Treating Cushing's Disease" - Like a virgin, you'll learn the secrets to tackling Cushing's disease, Madonna-style.

  3. "How to not screw up your poisoning cases in 10 easy steps" - Avoid being a total bummer and get the lowdown on preventing poison-related mishaps.

  4. "Every Breath you take: Unraveling the Mysteries of Respiratory Health" - Feel the rhythm of every breath as we demystify respiratory conditions.

So, break out your neon leg warmers, pop in that cassette tape, and get ready to ride the wave of veterinary knowledge from the 80s. It's all, like, totally awesome and available for you to groove on at your own pace! Cowabunga, dudes! 🤙

Neurology • Internal Medicine • Dentistry • Anesthesia

Toxicology • Radiology • Honey Bee Medicine

14 hours of RACE-Approved CE (pending)

Live Medicine lectures & On-Demand Access for one year

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